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The Buttered Emu

So, my brother in-law asked if I could whip up a butter with Emu oil and I said, “absolutely”!


The Warmth of Fall

I love to see fall coming with all of its beautiful colors, the warmth of the sun and the cool evenings. Fall also brings out the cozy scents of Buttered like Patchouli Vanilla. I get compliments each time I wear this beautiful scent combination -:)

Your face is looking Rosey darling!

Buttered is currently trying out a lovely new facial scrub made with with roses. Yes, the actual flower blended with all of the other goodness in each Sugared by Buttered scrub! This scrub is specifically created for the face but then again, Butteredcups can use it how they see fit! Availability coming soon…

Love Should Never Hurt

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Although society officially acknowledges the month of October as Domestic Violence Awareness month, intimate partner violence occurs every second of every day affecting women, men, children, the elderly, the disabled and pets. Be informed. Be active. Be vigilant..

Buttered in Black and White

When life gives Buttered lemons in the form of an empty color cartridge at 9:30 PM on a Saturday, Buttered makes black and white lemonade. These happy accidents received a rousing applause at the Onyx Art Gallery and it is redefining Buttered…