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A Soothing Sensation

So we’ve got the wonderful Bombed! oatmeal coconut milk powder bath bomb and our bath life was good. Then we started feeling lonely, so we created the Soothe oatmeal coconut milk powder and brown sugar scrub. Did we complete this trio with a new butter? No, we set it off with an oldie but goodie, the Buttered Signature Whipped Body Butter in Keep It Simple (in other words, unscented)!

Homemade with love

Also at the Cultivo, the Whipster was asked “So you make all of these yourself”? Answer, “Absolutely”, Buttered is a one woman show where, I, the Whipster, handcraft each and every product that is sold. At Buttered, it is a labor of love when I hand pack each bath bomb, whip up each body butter and mix each freshly scented body scrub.

It’s all organic, love!

During the Cultivo event, The Whipster was asked several times “So your products are really all natural”? The response, ” Absolutely’! The Whipster uses only organic ingredients for all Buttered products, including the food coloring, baby! The Whipster believes in the nourishing and healing powers of ingredients created by nature because that is best for our beautifully human bodies.