Love Should Never Hurt

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Although society officially acknowledges the month of October as Domestic Violence Awareness month, intimate partner violence occurs every second of every day affecting women, men, children, the elderly, the disabled and pets. Be informed. Be active. Be vigilant..

Buttered in Black and White

When life gives Buttered lemons in the form of an empty color cartridge at 9:30 PM on a Saturday, Buttered makes black and white lemonade. These happy accidents received a rousing applause at the Onyx Art Gallery and it is redefining Buttered…

The Buttered Man+Focused=Father’s Day Set

Introducing Focused, the fabulous scent for the centered male. This oh-so-scent-of-a-man combination includes frankincense, lavender and sandalwood. Buttered is also introducing the Buttered Man Father’s Day set that includes our signature whipped body butter, an ultra exfoliant Kosher salt scrub and a superby nourishing body wash infused with coconut milk, black castor oil, rosehip oil and manuka honey! Each set is $20 and can be found on the Buttered Shop page.

Get Lifted!

Charming is his smile. His aroma fills a room and suddenly, you are filled with the warmth of happiness. Introducing Lifted, the whipped body butter for the Buttered Man. This celebration of orange, cedarwood and ylang ylang will absolutely lift you up!

The Buttered Man

Say hello to the Buttered Man! Buttered has crafted specific scent combinations to embrace and celebrate the man. Our first featured scent is Grounded, a very comforting masculine blend of bergamot, vetiver and spearmint. This has been man tested and man approved! Stay tuned for more Buttered Man products to come!