The Buttered Spotlight

As the head whipster at Buttered, my passion is creating nourishing butters,  moisturizing exfoliating scrubs and healing CBD products. Once I get into my “Buttered Zone” I do not stop until my creations are perfected. I often post my handcrafts on Instagram but I often forget about other mediums including video. Last week, I was blessed with my dear friend, Brett Edson reaching out to me and asking if he could create a spotlight video on Buttered. Brett is the owner of MP1 Media and he creates some of the most beautiful photos and videos.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with Brett because he is a master craftsman with yet gentle spirit. Brett and his assistant, Nicholas, worked with me in the Buttered Atelier for a little over 2 hours in order to get the right footage. The end result is a masterpiece showcasing what Buttered is all about. By the way, I had my hair straight for the video because that’s what I do during the cooler months but don’t get it twisted, I will always be known for my curly fro!! I hope that you enjoy the video.