The Reviews are in!

The testing of the Buttered CBD infused Whipped Body Butter is complete and has been a smashing success! Below are some reviews of the lovely new product:

” Tammy, here is my first review (of the CBD infused Body Butter). I put some on my knee last night before bed and it created a nice warming sensation and it seemed to be working. I was wondering if I was just wanting it to work. This morning I used it again and I am definitely getting some relief…  Good morning. I want to thank you for giving me my knees back, especially my right knee. It is almost completely healed and is starting to look like a knee again…Good morning, I am almost out of the “magic” butter. WIll you be whipping up another batch soon?” – Vicki

“Hey Tammy, I wanted to thank you for letting me try your Buttered pain cream. I love the scent. I love that it is all natural I love that when I rub it on the painful areas , I get relief. This has really helped me in my day to day activities.” -Sylvia

“I have arthritis in my right hand and when I apply Buttered cream infused with CBD, I notice less pain when using my hand…my pain is not as severe. I have increased range of motion. I am pleased with the product. Also what I like is that it has a pleasant smell, not like some topical ointments. I highly recommend Buttered CBD infused body butter.” -Carolyn